OUT NOW! Colin Dunne’s “Slave to the Bottle”, a dark, prosaic, and emotional story about family, identity, and the choices that we make. Artwork by Vincent Kelly.

“While this war continued to rage inside of me, something of an existential crisis also developed. Did half of my genetics come from this walking, talking glass of whiskey? Was I fated to stumble in his vagrant footsteps and become a slave to the bottle
– in fact, was it already too late?

“The Tunnel” by Stephen Moriarty (Download Link below). A thrilling, compelling short story about a scholar who investigates a series of mysterious deaths in a small Irish town. His journey forces him to face the unexplainable…and himself. With cover art by Joachim Spruch.

Honor Ní Fhachtnáin’s relevant, moving, and beautifully crafted short story “Hag’s Well” (Download Link below). About motherhood, Irish regional politics, loneliness, prejudice, and the boundaries of language and love. With cover art by Tina Lawlor Mottram.